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Jul. 13th, 2017 01:52 am
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I have been spending quite a lot of time in the countryside. I just really don't feel like staying in the city unless there's something nice to do or places to go. I am officially on a summer holiday, and have been doing only holiday things. This has been nice, and I have spent lots of time just sitting outdoors sketching, or drinking coffee or tea. I have been walking in the woods and sitting by the shore. I've tended the garden. I celebrated my 30th birthday and some people came over and we had a nice time. At the end of June I drove to the antique book fair and spent an entertaining day and evening with bookbinder friends, as a guest. I was especially happy to see Eija, whom I see rarely these days as she lives in Hyvinkää and we don't have hobbies in common (now that I think of it, I think we actually have more hobbies in common than me and all the others combined. Several antisocial hobbies in common, I guess).

Sketchbook skull

I took to sketching when it got warm enough to sit outdoors. It became something ongoing, a hobby of sorts, which I have been doing through the summer so far, and it makes me quite satisfied. Sometimes I run out of subjects to sketch, but then I find a new angle to something. Currently it's something that keeps me going, and I reap the benefits from consistent drawing, which are (for repetition's sake): faster processing of ideas, better hand-eye coordination, continuous development, insight, and the delight of the actual physical work. (And yet, and yet, but whatever) I'm sort of decidedly trying to prove myself that I can do this and it can be nice. Lately I have been drawing clouds.


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